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Our Partnership with American Renal Associates


Western Nephrology & ARA

Western Nephrology partners with American Renal Associates as medical directors and attending physicians at 10 regional dialysis clinics as well as a home dialysis program that provides for both home hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. American Renal Associates and Western Nephrology began a partnership in 2008, and the relationship has been strengthened as each of our organizations has grown in the past several years. ARA is founded on the following values, which Western Nephrology upholds:

  • Take good care of the patients and the financial success will follow.

  • Enable the Nephrologist to practice as he/she sees appropriate.

  • Provide the Nephrologist the autonomy to make operational decisions.

  • Acknowledge that facility staff members are a critical and valuable asset. Do everything possible to hire and retain the best possible staff.

  • Listen to the practitioners and provide the tools needed to take excellent care of their patients.

  • The Corporate office works for our staff, our doctors and our patients.

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